Sunday, January 4, 2009

All Fired Up and Someplace to Go

New Years Eve is always a time of looking back. This year I stayed home with Mark while Linda was out with friends. I didn't watch any of the party stuff on TV. I just sat quietly reading a book. I didn't really want to look back. Sure there were some good things in 08 but mostly it was about watching Marky losing his grip on life.

Now, a few days into January and I find myself looking ahead with great expectation. This seems strange, I usually spend most of January waiting for the days to start getting longer. This year I'm full of hope and ideas. Some of these ideas are kinda crazy. I've been known to have crazy ideas before, but they usually happen in the spring. If I had to blame someone for this new energy I'b blame Marky.

Marky has been continuing to improve. If you review the blog you can see for yourself how week he was in July and August. At that point his decline was a couple of years old and seemed to indicate that the end was near. Sick Kids Hospital listed Mark as palliative. That's there way of saying there is nothing more we can do except help him die well and comfortably. Marks turn around began in mid August. It was truly the low point of his life. Then quietly Mark began to improve. His seizures went away, his eyes brightened, and he began a long steady climb back to life. We began to wonder if he could get fired from the palliative team.

This week Mark goes back to school, twice a week. He is sitting up well and has been playing steadily with a rattle toy. Now we're starting to wonder how long it will be before he sits up freely, and how long after that until he's crawling and walking.

It's this kind of hopeful thinking that has me thinking up new and crazy ideas. This dream is so crazy that it involves me and Marky on a stage performing together. Whether it ever happens is not as important as the ability to dream.

Dreams are what draw us along. I hope Marky's journey draws you along too.


I'm sorry there haven't been more pictures. We can't find the cable for the camera. We're working on the pictures, both moving and still. Stay tuned.

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Allan Reeve said...

Love the photos.

Get your motor running...

Sounds like it is Wayne.

The Markyhands photo sculpture is a visible representation of your blog.

Keep em coming...keep dreaming...keep sharing