Sunday, May 3, 2009

...and I Have Two Big Sisters

Marky here. Well, not really. Actually it's my Dad typing what I tell him. I say, "aahhhwaaahhh" and he trans-turpulates it.

I spent the week at Safehaven while Mom and Dad went up to Collingwood for a week of R&R. On Sunday evening they came to pick me up. When I got home there was this party. My friend Deyen was at my house with his Big Mum and his Slim Dad. When I say Big, I don't mean fat. She's big cuz she has a baby livin' in her.  And, when I say slim, I don't mean skinny, I just mean that when he stands behind my Dad I can't see him anymore. Anyways I was glad to see my buddy Deyen and he was happy to see me too. After supper we went up to my room and watched Tree House together. When Deyen watches TV he's like in a trance. I kept giving him wet willy's (goobered finger to the ear). That's what friends are for. It sure is good to be home.

Did I mention that my room looked like a base camp for an international mission trip? Well it does, and it is. My Big Sister Lynn is going to Zimbabwe in the morning. She's going for three months, to be a teacher. That's super far. I'm going to miss her, but I think she's gunna miss me more.

I still have one more Big Sister. That's right, I have two Big Sisters. My other Big Sister Erin is home from Universally. She showed me her report card. It said, "AAAAAAAA". My Dad trans-turpulated that and he says it spells AWESOME. I think she's awesome too. She loves me and I luv her too. I'm glad she'll be around for the summer.

Thanks for droppin by my room for a visit. See ya!

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Barbara said...

Hello one and all in Marky's room,

THANK YOU - for inviting me to visit you!

I love your motorcycle photo Mark - YOU ARE AWESOME!

3 CHEERS!!! for your goal of getting "vertical". That is happiness in the making and I am happy you shared it with me.

Be well and thanks for being "you".

with love -

Barbara Olsen, a friend