Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why the Wait?

So why the wait ?

At the moment of his birth, we knew

that Marky was going to be short turned.

He would take a different route,

He’d leave us behind.

We never knew when.

So why the wait?

Even now, in the moment,

It seems like he’ll just stay

For a little while longer.

Marky lays in his hospital bed,

tripping on morphine, staring at the ceiling.

So why the wait?

It seems like he’s waiting for Jesus

to come to the door and call his name.

We pray.

We are many,

and the fellowship is intense.

So why the wait?

So Jesus knows, right?

There’s a perfect plan

A perfect time

In the suffering we are made whole,

He is made whole.

So why the wait?

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