Sunday, August 30, 2009

Busy Summer

Things around Marky's room have been very different this summer. It was just a year ago when Mark was so sick that we thought we were going to lose him. The blogs then were deep and sad. These days Mark is doing much better and the blogs are much fewer and further between.

This past week Mom and Dad went on another honeymoon. It was our twenty-ninth anniversary on the 16th. Last year we walked from Sick Kids to Fran's on College. This year we jumped on the bike and went to Bancroft and then up through Algonquin Park, Huntsville, Washago and home. It was a beautiful week. It's only possible for us to get away like that because of the awesome people at Safehaven. That's the respite home where Mark stays when we are away.

Mark is going back to school and is stepping back up to three days per week. We'll be blog'n about that I'm sure, so stay tuned.

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