Saturday, October 17, 2009

Almost 15

Wow! Mark will be 15 in a couple of weeks. It seems impossible. How did that happen? I know this sounds like every parent who is in denial of their own age, but Mark really isn't 15. We recently took Mark to see a nutrition specialist. He told us that physically Mark is the size of an 8-9 year old and mentally like a 1 year old. That just doesn't add up to 15. As I sit in his room, writing this blog, he's laying in his bed making cooing noises like a baby. He's so special, unique that age just doesn't matter. Often when people ask us how old he is, I realize how confusing the evidence is. We were visiting a church recently and this kid, a real tough guy, came up and asked us how old he was. When we told him he said, "no way". Then he ran off to get his friends to come and see the kid in the wheel chair. To some people his behavior might have seemed offensive, but to me it was a reminder of how special Marky is. For half of those 15 years I was hoping that Mark would somehow catch up. Then when he almost died and I stopped hoping for for what might be and started celebrating what is.

Everyday I thank God for the blessing that my special son is in my life. I know his mother and sisters are saying dito, dito, dito.

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